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Americana - American Flag Curtain Set - Tea Stained

Americana - American Flag Curtain Set - Tea Stained
Item# 1005AFC

Americana - American Flag Curtain Set - Tea Stained
Primitive American Flag Curtain Set includes everything you need for ONE COMPLETE Americana, Tea Stained American Flag Window Treatment.


With this Package, you'll be receiving:

* Two - 20" x 90" Tea-Stained Flag Panels * One - 30" x 17" Tea-Stained Flag Bunting * Three - Star Hooks - Style varies based on availability * Two - 2" Americana Red/White/Blue Pip Rings

Each Panel has 2 Grommets, and the Bunting has 3 Grommets. Simply place your three stars hooks in position to hang the 3 grommet holes from the small fan bunting. Once the star hooks are hung, hang the panels, using the center hook for the inside grommet of each panel.

Next hang the bunting over all three hooks.

Now Bunch up the area of the panel you would like puffed, and feed it through your two pip rings. One on each panel. Balloon as you wish, then spread out your pip ring to accent your ballooned areas...and whoa-la, you have a beautiful window treatment that is as beautiful from the outside as it is from inside your house.


These Flags are 100% Cotton, with embroidered stars, and can be used both inside and outside. They are machine washable, line dry, and low You could also make this a beautiful treatment for your outside door entry or your porch!

This item is from the Cranford's Country Collectables line, by Jody Cranford.