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Country Wire Berry Basket with Electric Candle

Wire Berry Basket - Red
Wire Berry Basket - Red
Item# 1001BBR

Pip Filled, Lighted Repro Wire Berry Basket

Filled with Grapevine Mulch/Deep Red Rasberries, Red and White Pips with rusty stars an electric candle and a Country hang tag. Finished off nicely with a tattered tan bow.

The basket measures 4" x 4" x 3.5" high.

The newest baskets of Pip, candles and other ruty items are my own creations!

These berry baskets are my favorites so far. Perfect for a deep window sill, in a kitchen corner, or any where you want to add just a little glow of light.

I'm including a silicone dipped bulb with each.

100% Hand Made with care by Jody.